Welcome to Thing 10!

You will be learning
  • the top 5 ways to bore your audience
  • how to grab and maintain audience attention
  • proper presentation skills


We have all been through classes that used PowerPoint as the main mode of information delivery, and we have all seen good presentations and painful presentations. This thing is going to give you tips on how to keep your PowerPoint presentations from being a part of those really, really bad ones. From font size to transitions, the websites, videos and articles listed here will give you tips on how to effectively use PowerPoint as a part of your classroom instruction.

Visit the Free Tech 4 Teachers blog to read and watch how to create effective PowerPoint presentations.

Read this article by Corbin Ball, technology consultant for corporations, about how to grab the attention of your audience.

Watch this video, featuring Don McMillan, for tips on what not to do when creating PowerPoint presentations.

Ideas for the Classroom

  • Create PowerPoint presentations that your students will not recognize as PowerPoint

Your Task

For this thing you will be revamping a PowerPoint presentation that you have used in your classroom. Make changes based on some of the tips you learned from the videos and articles. Post on Edmodo letting everyone know how you made your PowerPoint better.

Extra Credit

Find a website where you can download free PowerPoint templates, and share a link to the site on Edmodo.

-Kristen Hearne