Welcome to Thing 13!

You will be learning
  • how to use image tools to create an avatar, edit images, design posters and signs, and combine images into videos for digital storytelling.
  • how to use these tools in your classroom
  • ideas for using them with your students


The saying "a picture is worth a thousand words," holds especially true for teachers trying to engage students in learning content. The ability to use images as part of an assessment is one means of grabbing students' attention and motivating them to complete an assignment. The tools below can be used by the teachers who want to add images to their lessons, or by students as a part of a digital project. All of the tools are free in at least an introductory version.

Ideas for the Classroom

  • Introduce students to one of the avatar creators and encourage them to use an avatar instead of a personal photograph for social networks such as Edmodo and Facebook.
  • Use the movie poster maker in Big Huge Labs to create a book review for self-selected reading assignments.
  • Have students create a Photo Story to use as a project presentation instead of a PowerPoint.
  • Use the motivator poster in Big Huge Labs to recognize students who meet a goal, academic or personal.
  • Use this opportunity to encourage your students to cite their sources for images and music. Include information in your projects that attribute the creators of the music and images you use in your project and point out your bibliography in your work.

Your Task

Extra Credit
Animoto has an educator's account that gives you access to the Plus features, including the ability to create longer videos and to download them in a format suitable for burning to a DVD. Sign up for an educator's account and use Animoto to create an instructional video for your students. You can share it on YouTube and send the rest of your Edmodo group a link to view your creation, or upload your video to the Library in Edmodo. For an example of what you can do, see the video below. The Eliterate Librarian created "Anderson One Library Snapshot Day" using Animoto to illustrate a day in the busy life of Anderson District One's school libraries.