Welcome to Thing 15!

You will be learning
  • how to utilize RSS feeds
  • how to find and use blogs for your subject area
  • how to create your own blog
  • how to use blogging in your classroom with students


Blogs- web logs- are online diaries and publishing sites. Blogs are a great way to discover teaching methods and lessons, share your own ideas, connect with parents and use as a learning tool with your students.
For a short description of blogs watch this video.

The first step in exploring blogs is setting up a simple way to read them. In order to do this you can do a couple of things.
  1. Subscribe to a blog using the RSS feed and have the blog sent to your Outlook email account. Click here for tutorial.
  2. Create an account with an RSS reader such as Feedly for computer and iOS device, or Flipboard, which is for mobile devices only.

Ideas for the Classroom

  • try an idea from a blog you read
  • create a class blog to connect with parents
  • use student blogging for writing assignments and learning reflections

Creating a classroom blog is easy using Schoolwires. Log into the district page, navigate to your class page, open site manager to edit your page, create a new page and choose blog from the choices for type of page. You can write posts about the activities in your room so that parents can stay connected through your web page. Remember to only use student's first names and be sure you have permission before posting student pictures on your blog. You can allow comments on your blog. You have the power to approve and remove comments if needed.

Student blogging is an excellent way to engage your students. Having an audience of more than just the teacher is a motivator for reluctant writers. If you would like to explore creating student blogs look at these two sites. Each step of the process is explained. Remember that your librarian can be a great partner in preparing your students for a successful blogging experience.
Teacher Challenge: Blogging with Students
Edublogs Guide
KidBlog (also an app on all ASD1 teacher iPads) - Tutorial from Sylvia Duckworth

Your Task:

Check out these lists of educator blogs. When you find one that you like choose one of the two methods above and subscribe to at least three blogs.
Write an Edmodo post sharing the name and web address of at least one of the blogs you chose. Why did you chose this blog and how do you believe reading blogs can impact your classroom?

Top 100 Educator Blogs
Educational Blogs by Subject and Grade
Edublog Award Winners and Nominees by Category

Extra Credit

Try creating a class blog on Schoolwires and share how you plan to use your class blog. Try using blogging with your students. Share how you have used blogging and the successes or challenges you faced implementing blogging into your classroom.

-Tamara Cox and Monique German