Welcome to Thing 17!

You will be learning
  • the growth of mobile devices in education
  • how to use iPods and iPads in the classroom
  • how to find apps for your subject area


iPods and iPads are a huge asset for hands on learning in the classroom, and they can be very benefical whether you have one or thirty. The following website will give you an overview of how the iPad works. If you have never used an iPad or iPod touch, take the time to watch some of these videos.

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Browse the Learning in Hand website for information about using iPods and iPads in the classroom. The Learning in Hand - iPad site has links to the best apps to use in the classroom, how to use the iPad for project based learning and dos and don'ts of using iPads in the classroom. The Learning in Hand - iPod site has links to the best apps for iPods as well as tips and tricks of using iPods in the classroom.

Kathy Schrock has a wonderful guide to using iPads in the classroom. It is extensive, and would be overwhelming if you try to read everything. Use this page as a go to guide for specific ideas that you are looking for.

This photograph is helpful in selecting apps to address different levels of Blooms Taxonomy.
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Ideas for the Classroom
  • Have your students use the iPad or iPod to record, edit and create a video. The iPad can then be connected to a projector to show it to the rest of your class.
  • Use your iPad like an airliner slate. Use one of the available apps to make your iPad interactive with your Smartboard.
  • This seems very simple, but you will understand after you search the thousands of available apps! Select any of the available educational apps to use as a supplement to your classroom instruction.

Your Task

For this thing you will tell us how you would use an iPad or iPod in your classroom. Search some of the educational apps, and list two that you would like to use with your students.

Extra Credit

Watch this ISTE conference session on apps to give you more ideas on how to use apps in your classroom.

Kristen Hearne