Welcome to Thing 18!

You will be learning
  • the future of mobile learning
  • how to use mobile devices within district policy
  • how to use mobile devices with your students and students' parents


After watching this video you will understand the growth of mobile devices.

The question of mobile is not if, but when. Teachers need to utilize the tools that many students carry with them each day. There are many ways to begin the journey. This article outlines 10 building blocks for breaking the ban on cell phones including working within district policy, parent permission forms, learning strategies, teaching cell phone etiquette and classroom management suggestions.

Ideas for the Classroom

  • Replace tools including timers, calculators, voice recorders, cameras, and video cameras
  • Text reminder services for parents and students including Remind 101 and Celly or your own email
  • Use mobile phones with polling services for informal assessment such as Poll Everywhere
  • Use mobile phones as a presentation option such as Voki
  • Use mobile phones as a study tool with services like Study Boost and Chacha
  • Educational apps for smartphones

Your Task

For this thing you will be trying one mobile tool. Look at the 32 Interesting Ways to Use a Mobile Phone. Choose one of the ways listed in the presentation. Write a post in Edmodo explaining which way you used mobile devices and a reflection of the lesson. How do you believe mobile devices will change education?

Extra Credit

Create a group on Remind 101 or Celly for your class or your students' parents. Text reminders about assignments and class events. What kind of response did you receive? Do you have any advice for other teachers that would like to try one of these services. Share your experiences with the group on Edmodo.

-Tamara Cox