Welcome to Thing 1!

You will learn:
  • more about the Edmodo site
  • how to create an account
  • how to join and create a group
  • how to use Edmodo tools


Edmodo is a website that allow teachers to create online groups so that you can share ideas, files, posts, questions, and assignments. It is very similar in appearance to Facebook. The important difference is this is a safe, secure site that gives the teacher the ability to control members and monitor posts. Only those with the group code can see the students and posts. Students do not need an email address to join, do not share personal information, and choose from avatars for their profile picture.

Edmodo Tutorial on YouTube

Ideas for the Classroom:

  • Group Collaboration
  • Class discussion
  • Book clubs or discussions
  • Blogging
  • Peer editing
  • Turning in assignments
  • Assignments for absent students
  • Post videos or links for students work and commenting

Your Task

Go to the Edmodo site and create a free account. When your account is created look on the left side for the word Join. Click on Join and enter the appropriate code to join your school's group or contact your media specialist for help in signing up.
Palmetto High:
Contact media specialist
Powdersville High:
Wren High:
Contact media specialist
Palmetto Middle:
Contact media specialist
Powdersville Middle:
Wren Middle:
Palmetto Elementary:
Powdersville Elementary:
Wren Elementary:
Cedar Grove:
Hunt Meadows:
West Pelzer:
District Office:
Here we will post our thoughts and comments after completing each task. For your first post tell us your name, grade, subject and one idea about how you could use Edmodo in your classroom.

Extra Credit

To create a group for your students click on Create on the left side, name your group and then share the code. Your students will need to create free accounts and use your code to join your class online. Edmodo has a polling feature you can use to ask your class questions. You can use the Assignment feature to guide your students in work. The Edmodo Help Center is a great resource for answering questions about the site and trying more complex actions like embedding videos and glogs.

-Tamara Cox