Welcome to Thing 2!

You will learn these Outlook Mail tips:


Anderson District One employees utilize the Microsoft Outlook Mail system. These tutorials will help you learn tips and tricks that will make Outlook an effective way to communicate with colleagues, administration and parents. Many of the functions of Outlook are not available via web access. Start by adding an Outlook shortcut to your computer desktop.

Ideas for the Classroom

  • create a distribution list for parents
  • create a distribution list for your subject team or grade level
  • archive and save parent emails
  • effectively communicate with administrators

Your Task

Your task is to explore the tips provided above. Create a distribution list for parents, your grade, PLC or some other group that you email often. Try at least one other task on the list that will improve your use of Outlook Mail. Post a comment on the Edmodo group about which task you tried and what group for which you created a distribution list.

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Extra Credit

If you find yourself writing the same email over and over, you can utilize email templates to speed up your communication. If you receive frequent communication from someone that you like to save, try setting up a folder that will automatically filter emails to that location. If you have a long list of contacts to import from Excel you can move them into Outlook easily.

-Tamara Cox