Welcome to Thing 4!

You will be learning:
  • how to insert and use forms on your web site
  • use the calendar options
  • insert a photo gallery
  • utilize image features


Schoolwires is the software program the district chose to use for district, school, and classroom webpages. Most everyone in the district has a webpage that they update. You should have access to site manager for at least one webpage. These tutorials will help you maximize the use of your schoolwires webpage. To access all of the how-to guides log in, go to Site Manager and click the tab "How do I...?". There you will find interactive video guides and help cards for all of the Schoolwires features.

Ideas for the Classroom

  • Use the calendar to post assignments
  • Communicate with parents
  • Post links for assignments, handouts, lesson plans, etc.
  • Blogging
  • Post hyperlinks to other webpages
  • Share classroom pictures
  • Survey your students or parents

Your Task

Create a photo gallery for your class webpage using pictures of your students or content. Publish and insert the photo gallery on your webpage. Post a comment on Edmodo about how you utilize your class webpage and include a link to your photo gallery.
If you do not have your own webpage, post a comment about how you feel class webpages impact parent and community communication.

Extra Credit

If you would like to see how you rate as a teacher, create a survey for your classroom for either parents or students using schoolwires. Post the survey to your webpage.

-Kristen Gunter