Welcome to Thing 5!

You will be learning


We have a very powerful tool with our district website and network. Most anything you need to know district wise is located on the district website. The technology department has a variety of how to documents located on their webpage. Technology How to Docs You have access to Testview, Barracuda, Big Web Desk, PowerSchool, CourseWhere, and many other items.

Ideas for the Classroom

  • Accessing student projects
  • Keeping up with information
  • Getting help fixing techology problems
  • Being able to work from home

Your Task

For this thing you will be accessing your students' folders. Use the directions above to look at work in one of your student's folders. Post on Edmodo what you find beneficial about having this access and what ability you would like to add to our network.

Extra Credit

Access the teacher share folder for your school. Set up a folder for your grade/subject if there has not already been one created.


Anderson One Website

- Kristen Gunter