Welcome to Thing 6!

You will be learning how to


The following video tells what PowerTeacher is.

Click here to view video at school

Ideas for the Classroom

  • Keeping up with attendance
  • Communicating grades and comments with parents
  • Keeping students informed of grades and missing assignments
  • Locating information about students
  • Creating student groups
  • Teacher notifications

Your Task

For this thing classroom teachers will be printing a missing assignment report for a class. Post on Edmodo how this report could be utilized in your classroom.
If you are not a classroom teacher you will be using PowerSchool for this task. Log into PowerSchool and open a student schedule by clicking on the backpack icon and a student name. Here you can view the student's schedule, emergency contacts and attendance records by chosing a report from the Select Screens drop down menu. Post on Edmodo how you could use these reports in your position.

If you do not have access to PowerSchool or PowerTeacher, post on Edmodo if or how it could be benefical for your position at the school or district level.

Extra Credit

Create a student group in PowerTeacher. If you look under the class list, you will find student groups. This could be used to target a specific group of students (GBE).


Anderson One Technology Department
Pearson School Systems

- Kristen Gunter