Welcome to Thing 7!

You will be learning
  • how to run a class achievement report
  • how to find a student's academic history
  • how to run a report by standard


Watch the video to see how to logon to Enrich
Enrich Video

Explanation of Tasks:
How to Use Enrich

Ideas for the Classroom

  • Demographics/Profile for a student
  • Academic History for a student
  • Class History for Teacher (by standard, level, disability, meals, etc)

Your Task

For this thing, logon to Enrich and search for a specific student that you want to know more information about. Are they free/reduced lunch, gifted/talented, have an IEP, what level on PASS or MAP, passed every class since they came to our district? Post on Edmodo whether you have used Enrich before. What did you learn? Is it something that you would find useful?
If you do not have access to Enrich, after viewing the video, post on Edmodo what do you see would be the benefits of Enrich? Would it be beneficial to you to have access?

Extra Credit

Explore Enrich on your own. Share with a colleague what you have found.


Enrich Video by Christie Shealy

-Kristen Gunter