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SMARTboard and the SMARTnotebook are amazing tools that we have available in our classroom. Create high-impact lessons that bring learning to life. With a rich set of design and delivery features and a multitude of digital resources, SMART Notebook software connects you to a full ecosystem of content, tools and support.

SMART Notebook 11
The 2012-2013 school year brought the availability of SMART Notebook 11. All of the above tips and tricks are still relevant, but Notebook 11 has even more functions to streamline the creation of notebooks and to incorporate interactivity into your lessons. The addition of an activity builder allows teachers to quickly add a self-checking sorting activity.

Ideas for the Classroom

  • Interactive Student Lessons
  • Creation of Student Projects (SmartExpress)
  • SMART Response System (must have clickers or mobile devices)
  • Screen Capturing
  • Review Games
  • and so much more.

Your Task

For this thing you will incorporate 3 of the tricks and tips into a SMART Notebook for a lesson you teach this week. Post on Edmodo if the lesson was a sucess or not. Would you use these tricks again? Also, attach the SMART Notebook file for everyone to view.

If you do not have access to SMART Notebook, then use SMART Express to open a lesson from the SMART Exchange. Critique the lesson that you view on Edmodo.

Extra Credit

View the products for education from SMART. What product would you like to use in your classroom? Could be a great idea for a grant.


Smart Website

- Kristen Gunter