Welcome to Anderson One's 21 Things Wiki

What is "21 Things"?

21 Things is a self-directed course designed to improve your teaching skills and technology use in the classroom. Each week you will be presented with a task from our list of 21 things. Some of the tasks are practical tips and tricks while others encourage you to stretch your teaching practices and learn new tech tools.

Who is invited to participate?

Any teacher, teacher aide, or staff member can join the program. The tasks will help teachers in all grades and subject areas, as well as all experience levels.

How do I take part?

To participate in the program you will need to join our group on Edmodo. Don't worry. This is the first "thing" and we will give you instructions on how to join.

What are the "things"?

1. Edmodo
2. Outlook Mail
3. Outlook Calendar
4. Schoolwires
5. Anderson One Network
6. PowerTeacher
7. Testview (Now Enrich)
8. Smartboard
9. SSR
10. Death by PowerPoint
11. Presentation Tools
12. Project Tools
13. Image Tools
14. Google Tools
15. Blogs and RSS
16. Social Media Tools
17. Mobile Devices #1: iPods and iPads
18. Mobile Devices #2: Cell Phones
19. The Cloud
20. Cool Tools
21. Reflection and Goals

What if I need help?

We will have scheduled work sessions after school periodically during the school year, but if you need help at any time feel free to email or send a message on Edmodo.


Anderson One's 21 Things was inspired by 23 Things Cambridge and CPD 23 and is based on the original 23 Things program that ran at the Public Library of Charlotte & Mecklenburg County in 2006.